Photography is my story of the beauty I see from my heart that I fail to put into words. After the loss of my only child in 2008, my world shattered and never would be the same. Other than my daughter’s 2 1/2 year old son, there was very little that brought me peace.

Always a nature lover, I began to spend countless hours outside. I was one with nature. In 2016, I purchased my first “real” camera and began to spend even more time in natures. This has lead me on the path to life after loss. Behind the lens of a camera, I find a peace and calm in my own world as well as the outside world. A place to escape but also a place to embrace the beauty of all that surrounds us. My passion and my therapy… taking one day at a time… taking nothing for granted.

Not one to share my personal story and only occasionally sharing my photos, when our entire world turned upside down in 2020, an inner voice compelled me to open up and share my photos to give hope to those who failed to find it. I soon found that in sharing my photos, I was receiving as much joy from others as I was giving. The beginning of my “Daily Dose of Nature’s Beauty”…

Dedicated to my beautiful daughter, Brandee